70. Caldwell Cigars / Lost & Found Backdoor Bambi

Store bought at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco.

Location: This review was made indoors in a cigar lounge.

Wrapper: Very dark brown, rough texture, but still tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel.

Cold draw: A tough draw and a taste of hay.

1st third: Taste a bit like watered down black coffee. There is also a hint of salvia/sage.

2nd third: After some time I got to part 2. No changes in taste but I feel a high nicotine presents, not something I’m fond of.

The burn: Burns very slow and fairly sharp. With white-ish ash.

Smoke: Awful draw, light smoke but still with a cool feeling.

3rd third: Absolutely no changes in taste.

Conclusion: Very disappointing, I’m no giver upper but this is the slowest burning cigar I have ever smoked. Unfortunately this will bring down the score for me.

Result: In my book this is a 84 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

67. Caldwell Cigars KC/Black

Sponsored by Kind Cigars.

Location: This review was made outdoors on a foggy afternoon with 17°C.

Wrapper: Darker brown, oily and smooth with tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel.

Cold draw: Hay and some black pepper.

1st third: Round sweetness like caramel, with a touch of milk chocolate that’s just about to turn into dark chocolate. There is also a creamy cappuccino note. I’m getting a sting on the front of my tongue but nothing to uncomfortable at the moment.

2nd third: Starts to bring a sting in the form of black pepper maybe even some other types of pepper as well, a tingly sensation on the tongue for each draw I take. Taste wise it’s heavy, dark chocolate, heavy toasted oak, charcoal and dirt.

The burn: A little wonky, the ash is a little flaky but still stable. Also white in color.

Smoke: Creamy and voluminous, but sadly it brings some heat.

3rd third: The heavy notes just keeps on chugging trough.

Conclusion: Do you want a power house of a cigar, this full body, full straight this is a cigar for you. Guess this is a good match with a smokey whisky, because the flavors in this should go right trough the smoky whisky. Sadly this is not a cigar that matched with my palett but it was still interesting to try.

Result: In my book this is an 90 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

66. Caldwell Cigar / Lost & Found El Suavesito

Store bought at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco.

Location: This review was made outdoors on a foggy afternoon with 17°C.

Wrapper: Smooth with tiny veins and a oily feel.

Construction: Farley firm feel.

Cold draw: Light draw but I don’t pick up any flavors what so ever.

1st third: Very suave, light in flavor with a touch of lemon peal in the background with a creamy finish.

2nd third: Slight bitterness like you find with a lemon in the background, otherwise exactly as part 1.

The burn: Burns pretty straight, white-ish ash and it’s pretty stable.

Smoke: Smooth and voluminous, has a sting to it but still pretty cool.

3rd third: Same as part 2.

Conclusion: Pretty light cigar, but with a lemon tang to it. I think maybe a cola would match good with this. It just didn’t fit into my taste profile, but I’m sure someone out there finds this very interesting.

Result: In my book this is an 86 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

26. Caldwell & Drew Estate – All out Kings Smash

Gift from a friend. Thanks to @botlgbg for letting me try this before it hits the market in Sweden.
A dark brown, shimmery, oily wrapper. You can see the veins but it’s nicely rolled.
First impressions of the taste, cacao, hay, a Brazilian dark roasted coffee.
It’s letting out so much smoke just by itself you understand drew estate are involved. But at the same time you get the perfect match of tastes that Caldwell is known for.
The cigar has a solid firm construction and that is shown in the ash aswell, how it almost looks glued to the cigar when I try to shake it. The draw is not to harsh nor is it to light it’s perfect so you get enough smoke. Well the smoke is voluminous and there is alot of it, maybe a bit much smoke for my taste.
On to the last part of the cigar, it gets a lot heavyer in taste and darker.
I’m not a big fan of the heavy cigars, for me a cigar should make me relaxed not give me a nicotine boost. Sadly that brings down my score, because the first 2/3 where good but it left me not satisfied. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 12/04/17)



8. Caldwell Cigars – Savages Corona Extra

First nose: A whiff of spices flows up my nostrils as it gives me a kick. A little chocolaty sweetness lurks in the background as I get signs of freshly cut hay.
Let’s light this savage up shall we?
First taste: I’m greated with a slight bitterness nothing to uncomfortable, there is a sweetness in the background but it’s not fully reached out yet, baam out of nowhere the spices appear (only 0.5cm) in to the cigar.
I take a sip of my cappuccino and a bit of my biscuit and return to the cigar.
A slight mellow down on the spices and now some of that creamy chocolate shows itself, with a light draw the smoke gets you the thick feeling as it slowly flows out the mouth.
1/3 in: the spiciness grows back up again to a midway strength, remember this is not a strong cigar it just has some spiciness to it.
7/10 maybe it will grow on me, but for now I’ll stick with my rating. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 08/09/16)14294930_1158352514259154_1160287990_n