Who is andredias95?

My name is André, I’m an cigar aficionado based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was born in 1995 in Stockholm, but grew up in the Algarve, Portugal since my father was from there. Anyhow I ended up in Gothenburg in 2011 and started enjoying cigars 2014 when i was gifted an cigar on my 18th birthday from a friend. One of my first cigars was an Romeo y Julieta Tubos N. 2 and it was a bad experience. So I decided to dive in to the world of cigars to find out what was so special about it, why would people like to smoke cigars? It started with a new cigar each month, then a new one each Friday afternoon after school. Just to keep track of the cigars I had tried I published them on Instagram (@andredias95), I got a lot of help there from fellow aficionados and even one invited me to join to an cigar event in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was my first cigar event, the Big Smoke Copenhagen 2014, I met a lot of interesting people from the industry and fellow cigar aficionados. This was just the begging of something bigger, the aficionado that invited me to this event told me he worked in a cigar shop in our hometown of Gothenburg, the shops name is Mellgrens Fine Tobacco and he offered me a job there.

The time flies by and we are in autumn 2015 and I get elected to become the Cigarmaster of Gothenburg Cigar Society, I start writing reviews and people are really liking them. Even more time goes by and we hit autumn of 2016 and I get elected to be the President of the cigar society, then I get the opportunity to start as a member of the Tasting Panel for Cigar Journal, big achievement for me as a reviewer. Then during Spring of 2017 I got the honor to represent Sweden as the Swedish Ambassador for Cigar Rights of Europe. A lot happens and I later that spring/early summer step down from the position as President to let someone else drive the society forward, so I can focus on my reviews and give you quality content. Now I stand here and finally decide to start my own blog.

I wrote a article about the devastation it would be if they would ban shops to be able to display cigars. Sadly only in Swedish.


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