26. Caldwell & Drew Estate All out Kings Smash

Gift from a friend. Thanks to @botlgbg for letting me try this before it hits the market in Sweden.
A dark brown, shimmery, oily wrapper. You can see the veins but it’s nicely rolled.
First impressions of the taste, cacao, hay, a Brazilian dark roasted coffee.
It’s letting out so much smoke just by itself you understand drew estate are involved. But at the same time you get the perfect match of tastes that Caldwell is known for.
The cigar has a solid firm construction and that is shown in the ash aswell, how it almost looks glued to the cigar when I try to shake it. The draw is not to harsh nor is it to light it’s perfect so you get enough smoke. Well the smoke is voluminous and there is alot of it, maybe a bit much smoke for my taste.
On to the last part of the cigar, it gets a lot heavyer in taste and darker.
I’m not a big fan of the heavy cigars, for me a cigar should make me relaxed not give me a nicotine boost. Sadly that brings down my score, because the first 2/3 where good but it left me not satisfied. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 12/04/17)



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