268. Caldwell x Lost & Found Swedish Delight 1.0

Store bought at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco.

Location: This review was made indoors in Mellgrens cigar lounge.

Information: Lost and Found Swedish Delight cigars are orphaned smokes that were once part of Robert Caldwell’s popular Impromptu series. Made for the Swedish market and sold in some US stores.
Tobacco from Dominican Rep and Ecuador.

Size: 5.75×46, Corona Gorda/Parejo.

Wrapper: Milk chocolate, sandy but still oily feel with tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel, when lightly squeezed.

Cold draw: Light wood notes and hay.

1st third: Starts with a light spicy note, similar to a cinnamon bun with extra fresh cinnamon on top.

2nd third: Keeps its smooth flavours from the first part.

Burn: Burns sharp, with a stable firm white ash.

Smoke: Voluminous white smoke, with medium heat feel on the tongue and a light draw.

3rd third: No changes.

Duration: 17:58-19:18, 1h 20 min.

Conclusion: A medium bodied cigar with a medium strength profile. The cigar has most definitely evolved since it was launched back in 2017.

Result: In my book this is an 88 point cigar.

/Cigar Reviewer André

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