11. Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Robusto

Sponsored by Piet van Kuyk. First nose: I know this sounds weird but I get the sense of what Tobacco smells like, chocolate (like cornetto ice cream chocolate), leather, pepper and some kind of caramel sweetness.
First taste: Wood, definitely wood and like chili chocolate and weirdly freshly home made bread, like how the flour sticks to the top of the mouth. It’s definitely a spicy cigar this one.
It’s really giving away a rich fluffy white smoke and the ash is crisp white, just wonderful.
After smoking about haft I can say it definitely smoothens out or maybe it’s just me that adapt to the straight.
I got this wonderful cigar from Piet van Kuyk (@illestcigarsprovider), a cigarshop in The Netherlands.
Because sadly it’s not available in Sweden at the moment.
8.5/10 would definitely buy again and I strongly recommend anybody trying it if you get a chance if you like stronger cigars. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 16/09/16)


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