10. Royal Danish Short Robusto Double Ligero Extra Strong

Sponsored by Royal Dansih Cigars. First nose: I feel the black pepper tickling my nostrils and a dark rich chocolate tone in the wrapper.
I go to light the cigar, the flame very easily leaves a perfect amber and I go for a puff.
First taste: Dark rich chocolate, heavy white smoke flows out, but wait what’s that? Now the black pepper starts to tickle in the back of my mouth and there are some other herbs aswell (can’t really put my finger on it). Mm yes I love this, as said on the lable ‘Extra Strong’ you really feel the kick and rich taste.
8.5/10 I love it and want more of these, sadly it’s scheduled for a 2017 release but keep your eyes and ears open for any news.
/Cigarmaster André

(Published 10/09/16)14294940_1026613170780124_1409249085_n

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