12. Royal Danish Duke Platinum Label Vintage Edition

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

First nose: This reminds me of Christmas, dried fruits, nuts and some wage spices.
First taste: Smooth creamy smoke tasting like hazelnut spread, with a tiny hint of dried fruits in the background.
I matched this cigar with the Danish beer brand Mikkeller K:rlek Pale Ale, with its flowery and fruity tones it lifts up the dry fruits that I felt before in the cigar.
This cigar is perfect for a newbie and also for a veteran just because some days you don’t feel like smoking a heavy cigar. Since the Duke and even the rest of the Platinum Label is so smooth you can enjoy it with your favourite drink without it taking over to much.
Midway point: the dried fruits have left us and left we have the creamy hasselnuts with a slight hint of vanilla smoothens, nothing that notable.
7/10 As I wrote before its just a perfect cigar to combine with any drink or food. It’s nothing you will smoke on a special occasion but it’s more suitable as an everyday cigar and even perfect as an introduction for new aficionados. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 22/09/16)


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