9. Flor y Nata Corona

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. First nose: As soon as I put my nose against the cigar I feel a whiff of roasted peanuts and dry fruits like plums, apricots and a bite of chocolate.
First taste: A rich creaminess like chocolate mousse covers my mouth and leaves a taste of peanuts (normal dry ones without salt). 1/3 in: the creaminess just continued and married perfectly with my cappuccino and of course more amazingly with the Ferrero Rocher. The dried fruits where lurking in the background as a barrier so the tastes wouldn’t go to crazy. What a wonderful evening smoke as the sun disappeare behind the buildings.
This cigar gets a solid 8.5/10 😉 i just love how the smoke is thick and creamy. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 08/09/16)14156633_533350286864553_1008374732_n

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