38. Vivaldi Underboss

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. Corona extra size, light wrapper, good construction. First taste, almonds, hay, espresso bitter after taste and a cedar note in the cheeks. Very voluminous smoke and white/gray ash which looks very firm. After about 1-2cm in it smoothens out and got a little creamy like a perfect cappuccino. There are some hints … Continue reading 38. Vivaldi Underboss

36. Vivaldi The Hitman

Sponsored by Vivaldi Ciagars. Swedish National Day 🇸🇪 Review. Silky smooth wrapper, milk chocolate in colour. Firm construction. First taste, medium roasted coffee, with a slight bitterness but nothing to harsh, I get a background note of wheat like a digestive biscuit, very enjoyable. 2nd part it starts to smoothen out and brings along a 60% … Continue reading 36. Vivaldi The Hitman

35. Vivaldi Patrón

Sponsored by Vivaldi Ciagars. Oily, milk chocolate wrapper. First taste: Dry, cedar woody finish, but with a smooth draw. Very smooth smoke, nothing to impressive. In the second part I get a slight bitterness, I still get the cedarwood notes as before. In the third and final part the bitterness dies out and a nuttiness … Continue reading 35. Vivaldi Patrón

9. Flor y Nata Corona

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. First nose: As soon as I put my nose against the cigar I feel a whiff of roasted peanuts and dry fruits like plums, apricots and a bite of chocolate. First taste: A rich creaminess like chocolate mousse covers my mouth and leaves a taste of peanuts (normal dry ones without salt). … Continue reading 9. Flor y Nata Corona