8. Caldwell Savages Corona Extra

First nose: A whiff of spices flows up my nostrils as it gives me a kick. A little chocolaty sweetness lurks in the background as I get signs of freshly cut hay.
Let’s light this savage up shall we?
First taste: I’m greated with a slight bitterness nothing to uncomfortable, there is a sweetness in the background but it’s not fully reached out yet, baam out of nowhere the spices appear (only 0.5cm) in to the cigar.
I take a sip of my cappuccino and a bit of my biscuit and return to the cigar.
A slight mellow down on the spices and now some of that creamy chocolate shows itself, with a light draw the smoke gets you the thick feeling as it slowly flows out the mouth.
1/3 in: the spiciness grows back up again to a midway strength, remember this is not a strong cigar it just has some spiciness to it.
7/10 maybe it will grow on me, but for now I’ll stick with my rating. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 08/09/16)14294930_1158352514259154_1160287990_n

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