25. H. Upmann Half Corona Secret Batch

Sponsored by Habanos Nordic.

Wrapper is more to the candela side with a green hue.
Starts of with a creamy sweetness like the toasted waffle cone of a cornetto. Crushed hasselnuts that have been roasted sugar coated.
Beautiful white ash, creamy and fluffy smoke, very voluminous.
A lite touch of ment, cedar wood.
And when I puff a little harder the menta covers my lips with a freshness.
Half way in the ash goes over to be a gray hue like most cubans.
White pepper appears but it’s still very enjoyable.
It’s very rare I don’t want to let go of a cigar. Im at the end and this cigar has been extraordinary good. I really hope this wasn’t just an one off, because this is the change Cuba needs. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 11/04/17)


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