24. Montecristo Linea 1935 Maltes

Sponsored by Habanos Nordic. EXCLUSIVE FIRST TRY. I dedicate this review to Luis and I thank you for this wonderful gift and opportunity to try this.
Fidel moves in mysterious ways…
Smoked this outside in 7°C
Wrapper is milk chocolate in colour with somewhat noticeable veins.
First draw, dry cedar wood, rich heavy dark chocolate taste, some sweet earthiness in the background.
Light perfect draw.
Cool and mid voluminous smoke.
Starting on the 2/3 the smoke feels creamier and more voluminous in the mouth.
Burns a bit wonky but let’s just blame that im sitting outside in the open.
Now to the final part 3/3, the rich dark chocolate “creamy” covers the roof of the mouth and leaves a espresso like bitterness on the tongue, in my opinion very pleasant.
If I had to put a rating on it I would say 94/100, excellent draw, perfect construction and very enjoyable flavours. Overall an amazing 2h of smoking. Highly recommend it for when it hits market. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 26/03/17)


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