Year in Review 2021

This past year has been filled with positive and negative happenings, luckily I've managed to stay healthy and haven't got the corona, which so many of my friends all over the world sadly got. I hope everyone stays healthy for the year to come and R.I.P to all friends who sadly have passed away, you … Continue reading Year in Review 2021

Year in Review 2019

I want to start of by thanking everyone who have supported my reviews this past year, it's been a fun ride and I'm going to continue stronger than ever this year to come. During 2019 we had readers in 107 different nations, 14.808 views from 5.665 people. With 178 reviews, that's ruffly 3,4 reviews a … Continue reading Year in Review 2019

Year in Review 2018 & Updates for 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! I have heard your positive and negative feedback on my reviews. So this year I'm going to make some changes to my reviews and what I post on here. Firstly I'm going to add some short information about each cigar, I've done so on some cigars before when … Continue reading Year in Review 2018 & Updates for 2019

No reviews this week. Update 1.

So this week I won't post any reviews since I have some reviews to priorities for Cigar Journal Tasting Panel. I also want to announce I'm going to Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final in Split, Croatia in September. During Saturday we had the Swedish Competition of CSWC at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco for the 5th … Continue reading No reviews this week. Update 1.