No reviews this week. Update 1.

So this week I won’t post any reviews since I have some reviews to priorities for Cigar Journal Tasting Panel.

I also want to announce I’m going to Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final in Split, Croatia in September. During Saturday we had the Swedish Competition of CSWC at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco for the 5th year in a row and I finished second place but since the winner can’t go I’m going in his place. He has to serve and protect our country in the military, so he gave his place to me which feels very honorable.

My time was 02:01:41 and he got 02:02:43 so I wasn’t so far behind hehe.

Maybe I should explain the competition for those of you that don’t know what it’s about. So you get a Macanudo Inspirado Mareva with a fixed cigarband, so your task is to smoke it as slow as possible without it going out until the band.

You get a minute to cut the cigar, one minute to light it and for the first 5 minutes you can’t talk or drink anything. Then for the first 40 minutes you can’t drop the ash, if you drop it penalty minutes will be drawn from your time.

You are also not allowed to blow out trough the cigar or blow on the outside and also you are not allowed to let go of it. No special equipment are allowed to assist.

The current world record is held by American Darren Cioffi with a time if 03:24:27 that’s 1h 23 minutes longer than my record which feels insane.

This year is the 9th time the competition is held and there have been 35 qualification events in 35 countries all over the world to lead up to the grand final in Split, Croatia. The competition was started by the brilliant man called Marko Bilić, awarded the 2015 Cigar Trophy Ambassador Award for making such a great event to bring cigar aficionados together from all over the world. I am so happy to call him my friend and that I got to meet him so early on in my cigar career, at an event in 2014 called Big Smoke Copenhagen, where I competed for the first time and got only 35 minutes. But it was so much fun just to get to know new people.

Here are some photos from this Saturdays competition.

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