How does this work?

My reviews are my honest opinion and you don’t need to take every little word I write, like this is how the cigar needs to taste. We all have different taste palettes. I just hope my reviews can bring some light so you can make you’re choice easier for the right cigar. Maybe you don’t agree on some of my verdicts and scores, but don’t get offended. It’s great if you like something I don’t, that just means we have different tastes in cigars.

I will be basing my scores of Cigar Journal’s scoring system from 82-100. Remember this is my personal blog and should not be connected to my position in the Tasting Panel at Cigar Journal, that said I’m always open to collaborations if the conditions are fair.

If an review has been sponsored or gifted from a producer it will be stated in the review to clarify so nobody should feel cheated. That said I’m honest in what I write so if I like something it doesn’t mean I’ve been paid to say so.