Why? & How?

Welcome to my cigar blog, I hope my reviews will bring you a bit closer to make a choice if the cigar or other stuff I review will fit with your palette. We all have our own preferences and past experiences to base our taste on, so don’t feel that what I write to be right or wrong as it’s highly subjective. This is just my own opinion and hopefully we have a similar palette. It’s okay to have different opinions and I am glad to discuss this more so don’t take offense. 

When I do my reviews I use the Cigar Journal scale of 82-100 as I’m used to it from being part of their blindtasting panel. It’s an official and well established rating scale used by many publications not only within the cigar industry. (But don’t let that scare you away from using it in your own reviews). The scores are divided into these six categories:

82 Not Good (0 Stars), 83-84 Mediocre (1 Star), 85-87 Good (2 Stars), 88-90 Very Good (3 Stars), 91-95 Excellent (4 Stars) and 96-100 A Class by Itself (5 Stars). 

My reviews have changed styles over the years since I started mid 2016 and it’s fun to see how the perspective on the art of tasting evolves. Therefore there might be some lack of information in the earlier posts, I’ve debated going back and adding in information on the older post but have decided to let them be and if I ever revisit that cigar in the future I will make sure to post all information I find then instead. Something worth noting is that I try to be as thorough as possible when putting together the descriptions for each cigar, I am working on the information I manage to gather online or directly from the producers, sometimes it might not be 100% accurate information when posting, but if I get a correction I make sure to go back and update the description as I want to be truthful in what I post. Remember the description is purely based on what information is available so no personal opinion is reflected in there, if I don’t agree with that I’ll make sure to keep that to myself and do a longer post about it separately as I don’t see the value it would bring to how the cigar performs. 

The first thing I state in each review is where I’ve gotten the cigar from, it’s essential information that is mandatory when reviewing any product. If I’ve bought it myself I try to state where I got it from if I can recall it, if it’s been gifted to me by a friend I state that and if a producer has sent it to me I try to be clear exactly who has gifted it to me. If it’s a paid partnership or post I will be very clear with you how it is. (A paid partnership hasn’t happened yet so don’t worry about it). Yes I do get products from brands, but I will be brutally honest with what I think about each product so don’t you worry, if I don’t like it I will tell the truth. 

Remember these are my personal opinions on each product, if we don’t agree it’s okay. I just hope if you find the flavours I note down to feel appealing, hopefully you’ll like this product too. Some of the stuff I try might not be available in the market you are in, but hopefully you’ll contact your local shop and ask if they can get it to you soon.