49. Casdagli Basilica C No.2

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Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: Milk chocolate brown, sandy feeling with tiny veins.

Construction: A little spongy but it’s evenly distributed tobacco.

Cold draw: Hay, almonds, cedarwood.

1st third: It starts with a shaggyfoot or for you that don’t know what it is, it’s when you get a bit at the end that has no wrapper so you just get the taste of the filler and binder. So it starts with a chocolate orange tone, a hint of pencil wood. After a cm in the wrapper joins in, now you get a combination of ginger and nutmeg with the initial tastes aswell.

2nd third: most of the flavours are still there, but now I’m starting to feel a white pepper feeling on my lips. It feels almost like smoking a gingerbread man, you have the nuts, the citrus, ginger, a little bit of cinnamon. I really like this, very interesting.

The burn: Really steady and sharp burn. The ash was a little flaky at first but firmed up after the shaggyfoot. It’s white as chalk.

Smoke: Very voluminous and fluffy like a cloud. It’s also cool to the touch.

3rd third: into the 3rd part there is no more gingerbread, it’s more like a dark oak, with a sponge cake with a touch of citrus.

Conclusion: Very pleasant and interesting flavours. I haven’t smoked anything like it before and I would love to try it again. It’s definitely a medium to full bodied cigar.

Result: In my book this is a 92 points cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

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