48. Cigarkings Schöne Robusto

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This review was made outdoors in a sunny yet a little windy day (20°C).

Wrapper: Milk chocolate in color, thin veins and oily feeling.

Construction: A little spongy when squeezed, but seams like tobacco enough in it.

Cold draw: Hay, a hint of cacao powder and white pepper.

1st third: Starts of with a smack of 70% chocolate, proceeds with a dark woody feeling like the bark of the tree and finishes of with a leathery feeling on the tongue. That took me by surprise, definitely a full bodied cigar to begin with.

2nd third: After a wild ride of the first part I come in to a more mellow bit in the second part. It’s not so heavy on the dark chocolate, but the leather feeling is still there and the wood still floats around. I’m getting a nutty flavor, feels like walnuts, or what I can remember of walnuts, last time I ate them by misstanke (I’m allergic to them you see).

The burn: It’s keeping the ash on for a good bit into part two before falling. It’s not burning perfectly but hey it’s not distinguished so far. The color is light gray.

Smoke: It flows like the milk flows from the milk bottle to the cereal bowl and best of all its not hot or cool its just perfect in temperatur.

3rd third: Getts a little bitter like the aftertaste of an espresso and the taste notes crawl back to how they started in the 1st part. Surprisingly the bitterness disappears after 5 mm into the 3rd part.

Conclusion: It was like a ride on the high seas of a pirate ship, this is not a cigar for someone who’s not out for a heavy cigar.

Result: In my book this is an 88 point cigar. It has great potential to be great but a bit to messy for my taste.

/Cigarmaster André

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