47. Cigarkings Dunkle Robusto

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This review was made outdoors in a sunny yet a little windy day (20°C).

Wrapper: Dark chocolate in colour, sandy with slightly protruding veins.

Cold draw: I can’t feel any flavours what so ever.

1st third: I directly get hit with a 50-60% creamy milk chocolate, caramel sweetness and a touch of hazelnut spread.

Ash: It’s white/gray-ish and a bit flaky.

2nd third: The sweetness is there but more in the background. Now it’s more leather, earth and wood.

The burn: It burns a bit wonky, I also had to re-light it 3 times.

Smoke: It’s a bit light, but that could be because I’m sitting outside and it’s a little bit warm in the mouth feel.

3rd third: Goes to a dark place, the earthy leathery notes takes over and introduces a dark 70% chocolate. There is a woody finish. The only sweetness left is in the earth notes. Sadly I had to re-light it again, even though I’ve been sitting here puffing these past 50 min.

Conclusion: I really like the flavour ride the cigar took me on. But all these re-lighting problems brings down the score a little bit.

Result: So in my book this is a 89 points cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

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