23. Cavalier Genève White Series Elegantes

Sponsored by Cavalier Genève Premium Cigars. This is the medium size in thier line, dry smooth wrapper, tiny veins and then the 24k golden diamond in the middle.
It starts of with a smooth cedarwood and milk chocolate flavour. The smoke is voluminous and cool to the touch.
The cigar is light in weight but perfect construction and that’s noted well in the ash as it’s firm and not flaky, it burns pretty razor sharp and slow. Im starting to get a oaky aftertaste with a sweet creamy touch.
2/3 in well the only downside I have and I know it’s silly to say when you smoke gold but since the gold heats up it also means that part burns faster which makes the cigar no longer burn straight. The ash is still intact and it burns steady.
The flavours keep steady all trough the cigar.
Now to the last and finishing part of the cigar, amazing ash construction I’m shaking the cigar like crazy and the ash won’t fall. It even has a toasted oak barrel finish. Around 1h of smoking time.
Overall i liked it, great afternoon cigar or late evening as it is at the moment of smoking it, not heavy at all. Medium mild.
90/100 still doesn’t beat Diplomate. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 14/03/17)



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