My Journey With: Maya Selva

My Journey with Maya Selva Cigars, started back in 2014 when the cigar shop (Mellgrens Fine Tobacco) that I worked at introduced the three brands in their portfolio. Cumpay, Flor de Selva & Villa Zamorano. Maya Selva started in the industry back in 1995 and have their roots in Honduras where they have their main … Continue reading My Journey With: Maya Selva

My Journey With: Rocky Patel

It all started in September of 2014 on a school trip during my 12th year in high school to the capital (Stockholm), when we got a few hours for ourselves and I decided to visit a cigar shop called Cigarrummet. I entered the shop and bought my very first Rocky Patel cigar, a Decade Toro … Continue reading My Journey With: Rocky Patel

My Journey With: Jas Sum Kral

This story begins a bit differently, not with a first meting with the owner nor a first try of his cigars, it actually begins in a cigar group on Facebook called Cigar Social Club. The year was 2015, I had only been smoking cigars for a little bit more than a year. At the time … Continue reading My Journey With: Jas Sum Kral

My Journey With: Principle

This story begins during the Cigar Smoking World Championship Qualification for Sweden, in Mellgrens Fine Tobaccos cigar lounge back in 11th of April 2015. Darren Cioffi owner of Principle was one of the special guests of the event, he was a new face for me, at this time I didn't know about his brand nor … Continue reading My Journey With: Principle

My Journey With: Gurkha

Let's get in to this controversial topic. I was just like everybody else who start with cigars, you buy what ever cigars gets recommended to you or who has the loudest advertisement. When I started in 2014, I bought Gurkha, yes in the beginning of my cigar journey, I bought a wide selection of cigars … Continue reading My Journey With: Gurkha

My Journey With: Cavalier Genève

The year is 2016, during the summer (5th of June) I decided to start doing reviews of cigars, at this time I had been smoking cigars for 2.5 years on a regular basis. I felt fairly confident in my understanding of cigars and how to distinguish flavours and aromas. By the end of september I … Continue reading My Journey With: Cavalier Genève

My Journey with: HENK

For this one we need to roll the tape back to March of 2017, I've just been officially introduced as a member of Cigar Journal Tasting Panel (unofficially joined in september 2016) and I'm going on my first tasting trip to meet my fellow tasting panel colleagues. I fly down to Florence, Italy, my first … Continue reading My Journey with: HENK

My Journey With: Casdagli

This story begins on the 15th of december 2014, I was working at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco and we were preparing for the event we where hosting that evening in our cigar lounge. We where going to host Jeremy Casdagli owner of Bespoke Cigars, a new cigar brand to the Swedish Market. I was still young … Continue reading My Journey With: Casdagli