77. Micallef Herencia Maduro Torpedo

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. Location: This review was made outdoors during an partially cloudy but still warm afternoon with 19°C. Wrapper: Dark brown, rough in texture with veins clearly showing. Construction: It's overall firm with very few spots that are a little spongy. Cold draw: Light draw, well fermented hay. 1st third: Lightly burning wood, … Continue reading 77. Micallef Herencia Maduro Torpedo

39. Micallef Reserva Limitada Privada Churchill

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. I want to dedicate this review to Al Micallef and to thank him for this lovely cigar I got as a gift at Big Smoke Copenhagen 2017. Firm construction, milk chocolate wrapper, small veins. First taste, hasselnuts, white pepper, milk chocolate and hay. The draw is nearly perfect with some resistance and … Continue reading 39. Micallef Reserva Limitada Privada Churchill

37. Micallef Experiencia Prominente

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. This review was made outside in 19°C. Good firm construction. 65% milk chocolate dark wrapper. It's sandy with tiny veins. First taste pine nuts, peanuts, cedarwood and a touch of marzipan sweetness. It's smooth in the draw and leaves a bitter almonds taste on the lips. It's an medium to full bodied … Continue reading 37. Micallef Experiencia Prominente