39. Micallef Reserva Limitada Privada Churchill

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. I want to dedicate this review to Al Micallef and to thank him for this lovely cigar I got as a gift at Big Smoke Copenhagen 2017.
Firm construction, milk chocolate wrapper, small veins.
First taste, hasselnuts, white pepper, milk chocolate and hay. The draw is nearly perfect with some resistance and a lovely voluminous smoke. The aftertaste fills the back of the mouth with white pepper and cacao powder and it gives a lovely kick so you know you are alive.
It burns quite hasty but burns good, not razor sharp but not super wonky either.
About 2cm in it becomes really smooth but still keeps the initial flavours.
The ash is white/gray-ish and falls easy when easily tapped.
The flavours keeps steady all the way until the last part.
94 points in my book.
Not available in Europe yet. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 25/06/17)


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