37. Micallef Experiencia Prominente

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. This review was made outside in 19°C.
Good firm construction. 65% milk chocolate dark wrapper.
It’s sandy with tiny veins.
First taste pine nuts, peanuts, cedarwood and a touch of marzipan sweetness. It’s smooth in the draw and leaves a bitter almonds taste on the lips. It’s an medium to full bodied cigar I feel, with a slight spicy back tone.
2nd part starts of with that bitter almond taste that I image matches perfectly with an espresso. Something I forgot to mention before is that the smoke is voluminous but the ash is a darker shade of gray that im not used to.
Actually it dosen’t feel like an Nicaraguan cigar it’s more like one from Honduras, it has the sweetness and slight sting but can’t feel any peppery notes. So this has thought me something new.
3d and final part it starts to smoothen out, no sudden bitter parts. And it just ends great.
This was an very interesting cigar to smoke, it stood out in an unique way but I think I wanted to smoke it with a cup of coffee. Anyhow in my book this is a 90 points cigar, I liked it.
This cigar is not available yet in Europe. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 14/06/17)


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