63. Blanco Cigar Obsession 2nd Third Robusto

Gifted by a friend.

Location: This review was made outdoors during a sunny afternoon it was 17°C.

Wrapper: Light brown, almost with a gold shine in the sun. Tiny veins, smooth but not oily.

Construction: Firm feel and evenly filled.

Cold draw: Hay.

1st third: Natural hazelnuts, pencil wood, a little salty note in the background.

2nd third: Oak wood, smooth and creamy.

The burn: Burns pretty quick, sharp burn. Steady and firm ash.

Smoke: Pretty voluminous. The smoke is to the hotter side when it comes to the touch.

3rd third: Keeps pretty much the same until the end.

Conclusion: Okey afternoon cigar, you don’t have to think so much about what you are smoking really. So perfect if you like to smoke will you read a book.

Result: In my book this is an 88 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

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