542. Jas Sum Kral Fuck The FDA Toro

Gifted by a friend.

Location: This review was made indoors in Mellgrens Fine Tobacco’s cigar lounge.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed

Size: 6×52, Toro.

Wrapper: Coffee bean, oily and smooth with tiny veins.

Construction: Firm even feel when lightly squeezed.

Cold draw: Hay.

1st third: Starts with a 70% dark chocolate, dark rich coffee, earthy sweetness and a mahogany wood.

2nd third: The flavours combined resembles a chocolate mousse or a pudding, rich in taste.

Burn: Burns sharp with a firm and a fairly stable whiteish ash.

Smoke: Medium voluminous smoke with a cool feeling on the tongue and a light draw.

3rd third: Gets a slight spicy black pepper note, otherwise it keeps the previous flavours.

Duration: 13:50-15:10, 1h 20min.

Conclusion: A full bodied cigar with a medium strength profile. Despite the name, the cigar really blew the expectations out of the water. If this cigar becomes more easily available I think this could sell really well.

Result: In my book this is an 92 point cigar.

/Cigar Reviewer André

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