51. Royal Danish 5 Wrapper Tasting Academy Cigar

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

This cigar was made for educational purposes only and not seen as a production piece.

So this review will only take you through my point of view, how I find the tastes of the different wrappers change the taste of the cigar.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: 5 Different types of wrapper, as seen on the picture.

Construction: Medium firm construction.

Cold draw: Hay and milk chocolate.

1st third: In the first part I’ll take you through the first two wrappers. 1st we get dark chocolate like a 70-80%, leather, dark roasted coffee. 2nd we have a more sweet approach, milk chocolate 50-60%, a tad bit of dried fruits and hazelnuts.

2nd third: Then we go on too the next two wrappers. 3rd there is still a sweetness there, the milk chocolate 50-60%, a note of caramel aswell. There is a hint in the background of candy floss. 4th part there are hints of hazelnuts and medium roasted coffee.

The burn: Steady and sharp. Crisp white ash.

Smoke: Creamy voluminous smoke.

3rd third: And finally the last wrapper and the last part of the cigar. 5th part it’s smoothened down to a almond and cedar notes, very mild.

Conclusion: Very interesting experience, I’ve done two mixed wrapper taste tests before and I’m amazed how all three where so much different, of course they had different tobaccos. If you get to try a multi wrapper cigar definitely try it, and don’t smoke to fast, really think about what you are tasting.

Result: I can’t grade this, since it’s for educational purposes only.

/Cigarmaster André

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