5. El Sueño Belicoso Clássico

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The cigar starts with a perfect burn, with a light smooth draw.
First taste: I can’t really put my finger on the taste it’s just so smooth and kinda refreshing. I put down the cigar for just a minute and let it rest as I take a bit in my bun and when I pick it up again I feel a little kick of pepper.
This is truely a perfect cigar to smoke in the morning now it’s 08:20, it’s smooth enough to eas the day in and compliments my cappuccino and cinnamonbun excellently.
I can imagine this also being a perfect finishing cigar to eas in just before bed so your head don’t go all spinning around. I could say it is a dreamy cigar that takes you’re mind to another place 👌😄
Flavour wise it was close to nothing at all for me, it’s not bad it just means that you need to find the right time of the day to smoke it. Size wise, love the size Belicoso it’s not to little and yet not to big.
So would I buy this again? Yes I would it’s as I said a perfect morning cigar.
7/10 maybe it will grow on me? /Cigarmaster André

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