4. Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Boxpressed

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Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Boxpressed
First nose: Dry cedarwood and slightest touch of earth.
First tastes: Medium rost of hasselnuts and the dry cedar.
1/3 in it feels like a super well balanced cigar (as most Davidoff) with a perfect construction as you can see as the ash don’t fall of without you forcing it off. Smooth flow and rich smoke.
2/3 in not much difference from the begging except the a slight sweetness lurks in the background. I feel a slight hint of menta but don’t take my word for it, it’s merely my opinion.
I smoked this with one of my favourite cognacs Léopold Gourmet Quintessence 30 Carats. I’d give this a score of 8/10, give it a try, i prefer the regular release of the Davidoff Nicaragua Toro but I think this is an interesting addition to the Nicaragua family.
This cigar can be bought at a Davidoff Cigars retailer near you soon, thanks to @brobergs1881 for giving me this opportunity to try this one out. /Cigarmaster André

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