16. CAO Pilón Robusto

Sponsored by Brobergs. This cigar was smoked during an rainy day and the temperature outside was at 8 degrees Celsius.
First nose: Dried fruits, dark creamy chocolate from like Dominican rep or Brazil.
First taste: Dark roasted coffee, a dark chocolate bitterness like cacao.
Im enjoying this cigar with an cappuccino, together it smoothens the chocolate.
1/3 in I feel the odd sensation of chilli chocolate, it leaves a tingly sensation on the lips.
2/3 in cane sugar and dark chocolate covered plums.
Since this is an Loté Pequeño it means it’s small batch so if you get a hold of this cigar definitely try it.
This cigar really hit my favourite tones of dark chocolate, but I feel like it could have given a bit more spicy notes right through the cigar not just in the middle and a little bit at the end. And yes I get that the Ecuadorian wrapper made itself clear at the beginning with the chocolate, but fell through a bit to fast.
I picked it up at our local cigarshops called Brobergs. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 22/10/16)



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