591. Steffo 7×70

Gifted by a friend. Location: This review was made indoors in Mellgrens Fine Tobacco's cigar lounge.Information:Wrapper: Honduran CorojoBinder: Honduran Criollo Viso Filler: Honduran Corojo Corona Ligero & Criollo LigeroSize: 7x70, Toro Gigante.Wrapper: Milk chocolate and smooth with tiny veins.Construction: Fairly firm and even when lightly squeezed.Cold draw: Cedarwood.1st third: Starts with a creamy and nutty … Continue reading 591. Steffo 7×70

56. Steffo Corona Gorda

Bought at Brobergs. Location: This review was made indoors. Wrapper: Light brown in colour. Construction: Soft feeling mostly because it's boxpressed. Cold draw: Hay and wheat. 1st third: Burnt coffee or dark roasted. Mellows out a little to a wheat cookie. Like no distinct flavours what so ever. 2nd third: No changes what so ever. … Continue reading 56. Steffo Corona Gorda

3. Steffo Robusto

Thanks to @Brobergs1881 for the chance to try this new interesting cigar. Steffo Robusto First nose: Dirt and hay, a little sweetness. First taste: Dark rich coffee, earthy sweetness, roasted hasselnuts, tangy after note. 1/3 in sweetness like honey and a slight bitterness lurking in the background. Perfect draw and beautiful ash, sadly not so firm, falls … Continue reading 3. Steffo Robusto