My Journey with: J.C. Newman

My Journey with J.C. Newman Cigars starts on the 23rd of September 2017, when me and my colleagues at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco visited InterTabac, it was my first time at the tobacco fair and it felt amazing to meet and see all the producers behind the different brands we had enjoyed for a long time, but also to meet new brands and see what we could bring to the Swedish market. J.C Newman was such a brand, we sat down with Drew and Bobby Newman and started talking possibilities for us to bring the brand in, we got some samples to try out and listened to their stories. Sadly we didn’t decide to bring them in, but I kept in contact with Drew Newman as he knew I did reviews and I really liked their passion for the cigar history since they had been around for over 100 years.

Then in november that same year I received a package of 5 unbanded Robusto cigars, a testblend of an upcoming release, an all American blend a passion project of Drew’s that he wanted to hear my opinions off. I reviewed it and was real surprised of how good it was, you can read the review here. This was the testblend for The American that they released in 2018 at the IPCPR. I’m still to this day very honoured that Drew intrusted me to voice my thoughts on their cigars before them even getting released.

At the InterTabac 2018 we returned but we brought along another Swedish cigar importer with us, and introduced him to J.C. Newman and he decided to bring in the brand, assuring him that our shop would be his flagship store for the brand. Later that year in December we had our first J.C. Newman event in our cigar lounge and it was an instant succés with the International Sales Director Stefan Bastiaenssens. At the event we got to try Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Robusto & Brick House Maduro Robusto.

We had events with them once again in August of 2019 where we tried the great valued brand Quorum with there 3 different blends of Classic, Maduro and Shade.

And in September 2020 we had our final event but without the International Sales Director just the importer and I hosted the event where we tried the Perla del Mar Perla G Natural Toro & Maduro variant.

Sadly in November of 2020 we got the sad news of the passing of Stefan Bastiaenssens, he was such a happy and friendly person, that I’m happy to have gotten to know and meet. May he rest in piece. <3

In 2022 I returned to InterTabac alone, as Mellgrens went under during the pandemic and the trade fair had been on hiatus since 2019. The Swedish distributor couldn’t make the show due to family issues so I myself wandered over to the J.C. Neman booth and greeted Bobby Newman and told him about the misfortune, but reassured him there where still love for the brand back in Sweden and that I will keep on supporting the brand. As the Newman family has always been very friendly towards me.

I look forward to trying more of what the company has to offer and look forward to attending more events with them in the future. I love the way Drew Newman thinks for the future of the cigar industry, trying his hardest to improve and make it sustainable. Also his passion for his families long history and trying to preserve it, really inspires me to do more. I’m very happy Drew is my friend.

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Cigars that I’ve had from J.C. Newman Cigars:

Brick House

  • Brick House Double Connecticut Mighty Mighty (Reviewed)
  • Brick House Double Connecticut Robusto
  • Brick House Double Connecticut Toro (Reviewed)
  • Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty (Reviewed)
  • Brick House Maduro Robusto
  • Brick House Ciento por Ciento Big Smoke (Reviewed)


  • Cuesta-Rey Centenario No. 7 Maduro Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Cuesta-Rey Centenario No. 7 Natural Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino No. 9 Piramide (Reviewed)
  • Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino No. 60 Toro (Reviewed)

Diamond Crown

  • Diamond Crown No. 4 Natural (Reviewed)
  • Diamond Crown Black Diamond Marquis (Reviewed)
  • Diamond Crown Maximus No. 5 Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Robusto
  • Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Toro (Reviewed)

J.C. Newman

  • J.C. Newman The American Robusto (Reviewed)
  • J.C Newman Testblend All American Robusto (Reviewed)

La Unica

  • La Unica Primeros No. 100 Natural (Reviewed)
  • La Unica Primeros No. 400 Maduro (Reviewed)
  • La Unica Primeros No. 400 Natural (Reivewed)

Luiz Martinez

  • Luiz Martinez Hamilton Silver Selection Robusto (Reviewed)

Perla del Mar

  • Perla del Mar Perla G Natural Toro (Reviewed)
  • Perla del Mar Perla L Maduro Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Perla del Mar Perla M Maduro Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Perla del Mar Perla P Classic Rothschild (Reviewed)


  • Quorum Classic Delegado (Reviewed)
  • Quorum Classic Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Quorum Maduro Delegado (Reviewed)
  • Quorum Maduro Robusto (Reviewed)
  • Quorum Shade Delegado (Reviewed)
  • Quorum Shade Robusto (Reviewed)

See you in the next “My Journey With:“.

/ Cigar Reviewer André Dias

P.S. Clarification I’m just telling my story with the brand, my own opinions and experiences, we don’t have any deals between us, I’m not paid by them and I don’t have any contracts with them. I’m just a consumer and fan of the brand. As you’ll see with my other “My Journey With:” posts that will come in the future.

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