429. Hedon Eclatant Short

Gifted by Hedon Cigars. Location: This review was made indoors in Mellgrens Fine Tobacco's cigar lounge. Information: Wrapper: French Binder: French Filler: French Size: 4x48, Short Robusto. Wrapper: Coffee bean, oily and silky smooth with tiny veins. Construction: Firm even feel when lightly squeezed. Cold draw: Cedarwood. 1st third: Starts with a medium roasted coffee, … Continue reading 429. Hedon Eclatant Short

89. Hedon Cigares Revêur Robusto

Sponsored by Hedon Cigares. Location: This review was made outdoors during an cloudy afternoon with 8°C. Wrapper: A shining, silky smooth, orange brown wrapper. Construction: Good feeling. Cold draw: Light hay flavor. 1st third: Light cedarwood taste, no spicy notes what so ever, just wonderful cedarwood with a touch of sweetness. It's light in texture … Continue reading 89. Hedon Cigares Revêur Robusto