41. Royal Danish Queens No. 1 24k Gold with Swarovski Crystals

It’s a early morning (more like super late night 4 am) it’s 14°C outside, not to cold and not to warm just perfect.
The cigar is firm, has a great construction and tiny smooth veins. The wrapper, well what you can see of it is lovely dark chocolate brown and covering it there is 24k gold leaf and there is a lot of it, it’s not all! Like the cherry on top of the whipped cream there are 3 Swarovski Crystals just sitting there. Now to what it’s all about. The taste: it starts of with a dark chocolate earthiness, it has its character but at the same time a sweetness, hope you are following.
It sure burns hasty I think it’s because of all the gold.
So the flavours keeps steady, it’s not peppery or spicy but it’s still a full bodied cigar with a lot of 80% dark chocolate notes, that familiar bitterness you get from chocolate and the earthiness that just fills out the background. In my opinion a very pleasant taste.
The most amazing part is that it doesn’t change the taste at the very end since it’s already been very warm all the way through.
If I had to put a rating on this I would say 95, it’s something else, not only because of the swag gold a crystals but the flavors. It’s so nice, definitely a favorite of mine. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 07/07/17)


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