28. Hammer & Sickle Hermitage No.1 St.Petersburg Toro

Sponsored by Hammer & Sickle Cigars. Review Time! Beautiful silky wrapper, tiny veins, good construction, soft but also firm and slightly box pressed.
First taste: Medium roasted coffee, 60% creamy cacao, natural peanuts.
Sadly the ash fell after about 2 cm, soft and flaky, witch was weird since it looked so stable right up to the moment. The ash light gray.
The smoke is very voluminous.
In the second part, I get oak wood notes, but no other changes that jump out, good balance.
In the third part, there where a note I felt in the beginning that i couldn’t pinpoint but I think I got it now, it was leather.
Burns slowly took about 1.5-2h, maybe I smoke slowly?
I would rate this at 90 points.
I enjoyed this very much, but sadly the part about the ash put down the score a little.
Not available in Europe yet. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 26/04/17)



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