21. Viking Cigars – The Viking

Sponsored by Viking Cigars. Dark, Maduro, sandy wrapper with tiny veins.
Good construction.
This one starts of good, dark roasted coffee, dark chocolate and dirt.
Reminds me of a Padron so this is a very good start.
Firm and light gray ash, smoke is also smooth and voluminous.
In the second half a slight bitterness emerges in the back of the mouth, nothing to harsh but like a dry like dark chocolate.
This is definitely a great cigar and I believe this will go home with alot of people.
This is right up my alley and as I said before it’s very close to a Padron and as Cigar Journal rank cigars, Padron is a great cigar brand. So kudos to Arnt Ånensen 👌 / Cigarmaster André

(Published 19/02/17)


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