18. Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero

Sponsored by Piet van Kuyk. First nose: Mild sweetness, creamy chocolate and hay.
First taste: Smooth creamy milk chocolate. Matches amazingly with a cup of hot chocolate with cream. It’s like they where ment for each other.
The creaminess flows through whole cigar, pure relaxation, no sudden surprises just a mild creamy dream.
As I wrote in my previous review, all reviews I write is done outside so the tastes may vary for me and for you. At this day of smoking and writing it’s 3 degrees Celsius outside and it’s raining. And as written earlier I’m drinking an hot chocolate as I was kinda freezing and after a whiff of the wrapper I felt this was the perfect match.
89/100 yes I like this very much, it’s near to a perfect cigar, and I will definitely return to this again. But I feel like this is not an every day choice for me since it’s really mellow, but a nice compliment as the last cigar before going to bed since it hasn’t very much nicotine. Kudos to Riste.
This cigar will soon be available here in Sweden trough Kind Cigars.
And thanks to Piet van Kuyk @illestcigarsprovider for giving me the opportunity to try it out.
/Cigarmaster André

(Published 07/11/16)


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