14. Davidoff Yamasa Piramides

Sponsored by Brobergs. First nose: Dark chocolate, black pepper, well aged Tobacco.
Wrapper look: Mid dark chocolate of the 50-60% variety. The overlay of the wrapper looking really good as all Davidoff.
First taste: Dark rich chocolate that leaves a dry feeling behind, some dry cedarwood notes lurk in the background. I get a slight hint of perfectly roasted coffee, not over roasted like most common brands, this is like roasted at the local tiny coffee shop that make their own blends after travelling to the farm an picking out the perfect one. Utterly perfect, guess that is what Davidoff strives for, perfection every time.
Im matching this cigar with a cocktail named Bord D’Or or as we Swedes called it Guldkanten (half cognac, half Swedish Punch and top it of with plum bitters). Together they are like Christmas, the dark chocolate notes matched with dry sweet fruits, it’s magical.
Half way point: it has gotten a bit more spicy but it hasn’t lost its balance.
9/10 Definitely a cigar I will come back to this autumn/winter, since it got a bit more flavour than most cigars in this price range it.
I picked it up at our local Davidoff store called Brobergs. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 12/10/16)


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