54. Don Kiki Gold Lable Robusto

Sponsored by Don Kiki/ Karen Berger.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: Dark milk chocolate wrapper. Ruff feel, somewhat protruding veins.

Construction: Firm feel, compact. Cold draw: Hay, cacao and almonds.

1st third: Dark chocolate, oak, leather and bitter almonds. A little sharp on the tounge.

2nd third: The taste is the same as previous part.

The burn: Burns really fast, the ash is stable maybe a little flaky but it’s white-ish.

Smoke: It’s hot and voluminous.

3rd third: Sadly no change what so ever. Keeps the same taste all the way.

Conclusion: Burnt to fast, no evolution in taste, sharp on the tounge. Sadly this drags down the score.

Result: In my book this is a 83 points cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

53. Don Kiki Platinum Lable Toro

Sponsored by Don Kiki / Karen Berger.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: Darker milk chocolate 50-60, sandy feel with protruding veins.

Construction: Firm even feel.

Cold draw: Hay, Dark chocolate, Almonds.

1st third: Dark rich taste of dark roasted coffee and dark chocolate. A nutty bitterness also appears once you blow out the smoke.

2nd third: It starts to mellow out a little, not so sharp anymore, still nutty and still dark chocolate notes. Sharp burn on the tounge.

The burn: Good firm ash, it’s stable and white, burns pretty quick.

Smoke: Hot to the touch, but voluminous.

3rd third: Still sharp on the tounge for each puff I take. Good flavours overall but that sharp burn on the tounge really bums me out.

Conclusion: Consistent of flavours, not so existing and sadly the tounge burning will drag the score down a notch.

Result: In my book this is a 86 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

46. K by Karen Berger Habano Robusto

Sponsored by Karen Berger.

Good firm construction. Boxpressed. Milk chocolate wrapper with tiny veins. Cold draw: hay, cacao, almonds. 1st third: 70% cacao, toasted hazelnuts, cedarwood. Medium to full body. 2nd third: A light spicy note of black pepper. 3rd part: The spiciness spreads to the lips and the toasty feeling lays softly on the tounge. The smoke is warm and voluminous. The ash is stable and white. In my book this is a 89 point cigar. An enjoyable afternoon cigar, no harsh flavours and not to strong. Even though it ends on a spicy note. This is definitely a cigar I’ll return too.

/Cigarmaster André

42. Don Kiki White Label Harvest of 2013 Robusto

Sponsored by Don Kiki/Karen Berger. Thanks to Karen for sending a sampler for me to do a review on.
This review was made outdoors during a sunny day with 22°C.
Good construction, evenly filled. Light color wrapper, with tiny veins and sandy in texture.
First taste, is a rich taste of toasted bread. Then there is a roasted hasselnuts taste that gives it a creamy but still nutty flavour.
The smoke is voluminous and creamy and the ash is stable and gray/white. It maybe burns a bit to hasty.
The second part keeps on par with the first, no drastic changes.
The third and final part got a little stingy but nothing to uncomfortable. This is a great breakfast cigar, even though I didn’t eat breakfast today it was very kind to me.
In my book this is a 88 point cigar, it’s good on the verge to be great. The thing is it’s one sided and fits perfectly in the morning and if you don’t want alot of power but that’s pretty much it. Remember now it’s good.
Not available in Europe yet. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 16/07/17)