38. Vivaldi Cigars – Underboss

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. Corona extra size, light wrapper, good construction.
First taste, almonds, hay, espresso bitter after taste and a cedar note in the cheeks. Very voluminous smoke and white/gray ash which looks very firm. After about 1-2cm in it smoothens out and got a little creamy like a perfect cappuccino. There are some hints of marzipan, cardamom and vanilla. It’s like a traditional Swedish pastry called a Semla.
It finishes just as beautiful as previous flavours explained, no bitterness just smooth creaminess. Fantastic.
92 points in my book. Well done. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 24/06/17)


36. Vivaldi Cigars – The Hitman (Peitit Robusto)

Sponsored by Vivaldi Ciagars. Swedish National Day 🇸🇪 Review.
Silky smooth wrapper, milk chocolate in colour. Firm construction.
First taste, medium roasted coffee, with a slight bitterness but nothing to harsh, I get a background note of wheat like a digestive biscuit, very enjoyable.
2nd part it starts to smoothen out and brings along a 60% milk chocolate note which makes it very yummy.
And I must say the ash is very stable all though it’s a windy day here in Sweden with 20°C.
In the 3d and final part it gets a little sharper with a 75% dark chocolate note on the front half of the tongue. Sure there is the bitterness as you get from dark chocolate but it’s not uncomfortable, it gives the smoke a statement power of here I am. Like I’ve been waiting for you to turn up, well here I am, come and get me. I like it, it’s something unique.
Unique is a good 91 points in my book.
It certainly beat the Patrón but isn’t that what the Hitman is suppose to do if you read between the lines, it’s an underdog lurking in the dark waiting for the moment to strike. Well done Zakarias. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 06/06/17)


35. Vivaldi Cigars – Patrón

Sponsored by Vivaldi Ciagars. Oily, milk chocolate wrapper.
First taste: Dry, cedar woody finish, but with a smooth draw. Very smooth smoke, nothing to impressive.
In the second part I get a slight bitterness, I still get the cedarwood notes as before.
In the third and final part the bitterness dies out and a nuttiness appears which brightens the overall experience.
This would be an 87 in my book.
This is a cigar you choose when you don’t want to think to much about what you are smoking, so perfect for when you are reading a book or chatting with some friends. So Zakarias don’t take this review as something bad, it’s great that we get cigars that don’t take all focus away from the relaxation. Great work, looking forward to try the other two sizes.
Available at Sweets N Cigars, Kind Cigars and at vivaldicigars.se /Cigarmaster André

(Published 31/05/17)



9. Flor y Nata – Corona

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. First nose: As soon as I put my nose against the cigar I feel a whiff of roasted peanuts and dry fruits like plums, apricots and a bite of chocolate.
First taste: A rich creaminess like chocolate mousse covers my mouth and leaves a taste of peanuts (normal dry ones without salt). 1/3 in: the creaminess just continued and married perfectly with my cappuccino and of course more amazingly with the Ferrero Rocher. The dried fruits where lurking in the background as a barrier so the tastes wouldn’t go to crazy. What a wonderful evening smoke as the sun disappeare behind the buildings.
This cigar gets a solid 8.5/10 😉 i just love how the smoke is thick and creamy. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 08/09/16)14156633_533350286864553_1008374732_n