22. Viking Cigars – Norseman Churchill Shaggy Foot

Sponsored by Viking Cigars. Wrapper of a lighter colour and with a darker filler as shown on the shaggy foot.
Silky smooth wrapper with tiny veins. Good construction.
First taste and we start with the shaggy foot, mm creamy milk chocolate, leather, lightly toasted chocolate beans, maybe a touch of salted caramelised almond.
Now entering the wrapper and instantly I’m greated with cedarwood and a touch of pepper on the tip of the tongue for a split second before it smoothens out to a fluffy cloud.
Really smooth experience, thick and fluffy/ voluminous smoke with a firm almost white ash.
In the 3rd part of the cigar the pepper notes come back and stay a few more seconds on the tongue before disappearing into enjoyment, the rest of the flavours consists.
It’s rarely I want to grab a toothpick to stick it in a cigar just because it’s so good that I just doesn’t want it to end, but this cigar made me do it. It was perfect until the very end, no bitterness as some cigars get at the very last 3-4 cm.
Astonishing, if you don’t know what to buy next go for this cigar, because you won’t regret it. This is a perfect cigar to enjoy at any time during the day, preferably indoors but must be fantastic outside in the sun aswell. Big applause to Viking Cigars and Ernesto Perez Carrillo for making this splendid cigar. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 21/02/17)


21. Viking Cigars – The Viking

Sponsored by Viking Cigars. Dark, Maduro, sandy wrapper with tiny veins.
Good construction.
This one starts of good, dark roasted coffee, dark chocolate and dirt.
Reminds me of a Padron so this is a very good start.
Firm and light gray ash, smoke is also smooth and voluminous.
In the second half a slight bitterness emerges in the back of the mouth, nothing to harsh but like a dry like dark chocolate.
This is definitely a great cigar and I believe this will go home with alot of people.
This is right up my alley and as I said before it’s very close to a Padron and as Cigar Journal rank cigars, Padron is a great cigar brand. So kudos to Arnt Ånensen 👌 / Cigarmaster André

(Published 19/02/17)


20. Viking Cigars – Nordic Warrior Toro

Sponsored by Viking Cigars. Wrapper light in color, sandy feeling, tiny veins.
Good construction
First taste, soft light creamy but still dry smoke, roasted chestnuts, there is a sweetness like a salty toffee or butterscotch caramel.
The smoke is very voluminous and the ash white and firm.
Half way in a earthy pepper with a hint of cedar wood lurks in the background.
Overall a mild to medium cigar, I certainly enjoyed it. I think a creamy cappuccino would match lovely or a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream would match to perfection.
Good smoke but maybe a bit to mild for my palette and I would definitely buy it again since it’s a great morning cigar. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 17/02/17)