59. Tektor Cigars Sampo (Örebro Cigar Society Exclusive)

Sponsored by Tektor Cigars.

Location: This review was made outdoors, on a foggy day with 17°C.

Wrapper: It’s light in color, with some green hue. It’s smooth and has tiny veins.

Construction: Even firm feel. Cold draw: Fresh cut grass, oregano and basil.

1st third: Birch wood, weed, rice a touch of tea. It’s very light on the flavours not harsh at all.

2nd third: Still very smooth, no sudden changes. I start getting a note of raisins.

The burn: Burns a little wonky but nothing to dramatic. The ash is crispy, white and stable.

Smoke: Very fluffy and voluminous. Cool to the touch.

3rd third: Still smooth, flavours from previous parts keeps steady.

Conclusion: An easy cigar to smoke, no sudden tastes that where surprising. Perfect cigar to smoke while reading a book.

A little fun fact behind Tektor Cigars, his cigars are actually grown on Gotland an island of the Swedish east coast. Not this particular blend but his rest work is. By one man only, who was curious if it was possible to make a Swedish cigar and here we have the results, it’s possible.

Result: In my book this is an 89 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

2. Tektor Cigars Corona

Cultivated and hand rolled on Gotland/Sweden by one man only.
It has a bitterness in the background that’s covered with a nice smooth sweetness, there are earthy tones to support the pure tobacco taste. If I could buy more I would but this was a gift from a friend and I know @tektorcigars
Has a demand on him atm. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 24/06/16)