60. Royal Danish Cigars “Prince of Denmark” testblend #2 (Pyramide)

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars / Kind Cigars.

This is only a test of the tobacco not a review of the finished product.

Location: This review was made outdoors, on a sunny and warm day. 19°C.

Wrapper: It looks ruff, with protruding veins. Sandy feel, medium brown shade.

Construction: Soft but still has some firm feeling to it, no uneven spots.

Cold draw: Herbs & spices, fresh cut grass, hay.

1st third: Fresh cut cedar, white & green pepper and a touch of oak. There is something more I can’t put my finger on it, but very familiar.

2nd third: The biggest change is that it has smoothened out. The blend feels very familiar.

The burn: Burns a little wonky, stable ash, gray and white marbled ash.

Smoke: It’s cool and voluminous, flows consistently which is a little worrying.

3rd third: Same taste notes as part 2.

Conclusion: The blend reminds me of the green umami blend. But better.

Result: In my book this is a 88 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

55. Royal Danish Cigars Making Shortfiller Great Again Robusto

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: Light in colour, tiny veins.

Construction: A little uneven but it’s an shortfiller after all. Some spongy spots but good feel overall.

Cold draw: Hay and fresh cut grass.

1st third: Medium roasted coffee, 65% dark chocolate, grass, sandalwood and hay. It has a tough draw. Dry finish in the mouth.

2nd third: There is a sweetness there like a cornetto cone, there is also some citrus notes. I think the sandalwood is what’s drying out the mouth.

The burn: Burns slow and pretty steady, firm and stable ash with some flaky parts, and it’s white.

Smoke: Voluminous and cool to the touch.

3rd third: There is a slight bitterness like bitter almonds. There is also some salty taste.

Conclusion: What a roller-coaster of tastes, I don’t know if I like it. No I’m not a fan of it, Royal Danish Cigars have better choices. Not for this money but I’d rather spend more to get a higher quality cigar.

Result: In my book this is a 84 point cigar.

/Cigarmaster André

51. Royal Danish Cigars 5 Wrapper Tasting Academy Cigar

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

This cigar was made for educational purposes only and not seen as a production piece.

So this review will only take you through my point of view, how I find the tastes of the different wrappers change the taste of the cigar.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: 5 Different types of wrapper, as seen on the picture.

Construction: Medium firm construction.

Cold draw: Hay and milk chocolate.

1st third: In the first part I’ll take you through the first two wrappers. 1st we get dark chocolate like a 70-80%, leather, dark roasted coffee. 2nd we have a more sweet approach, milk chocolate 50-60%, a tad bit of dried fruits and hazelnuts.

2nd third: Then we go on too the next two wrappers. 3rd there is still a sweetness there, the milk chocolate 50-60%, a note of caramel aswell. There is a hint in the background of candy floss. 4th part there are hints of hazelnuts and medium roasted coffee.

The burn: Steady and sharp. Crisp white ash.

Smoke: Creamy voluminous smoke.

3rd third: And finally the last wrapper and the last part of the cigar. 5th part it’s smoothened down to a almond and cedar notes, very mild.

Conclusion: Very interesting experience, I’ve done two mixed wrapper taste tests before and I’m amazed how all three where so much different, of course they had different tobaccos. If you get to try a multi wrapper cigar definitely try it, and don’t smoke to fast, really think about what you are tasting.

Result: I can’t grade this, since it’s for educational purposes only.

/Cigarmaster André

41. Royal Danish Cigars Queens No. 1 24k Gold with Swarovski Crystals

It’s a early morning (more like super late night 4 am) it’s 14°C outside, not to cold and not to warm just perfect.
The cigar is firm, has a great construction and tiny smooth veins. The wrapper, well what you can see of it is lovely dark chocolate brown and covering it there is 24k gold leaf and there is a lot of it, it’s not all! Like the cherry on top of the whipped cream there are 3 Swarovski Crystals just sitting there. Now to what it’s all about. The taste: it starts of with a dark chocolate earthiness, it has its character but at the same time a sweetness, hope you are following.
It sure burns hasty I think it’s because of all the gold.
So the flavours keeps steady, it’s not peppery or spicy but it’s still a full bodied cigar with a lot of 80% dark chocolate notes, that familiar bitterness you get from chocolate and the earthiness that just fills out the background. In my opinion a very pleasant taste.
The most amazing part is that it doesn’t change the taste at the very end since it’s already been very warm all the way through.
If I had to put a rating on this I would say 95, it’s something else, not only because of the swag gold a crystals but the flavors. It’s so nice, definitely a favorite of mine. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 07/07/17)


12. Royal Danish Cigars – Duke Platinum Label Vintage Edition

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

First nose: This reminds me of Christmas, dried fruits, nuts and some wage spices.
First taste: Smooth creamy smoke tasting like hazelnut spread, with a tiny hint of dried fruits in the background.
I matched this cigar with the Danish beer brand Mikkeller K:rlek Pale Ale, with its flowery and fruity tones it lifts up the dry fruits that I felt before in the cigar.
This cigar is perfect for a newbie and also for a veteran just because some days you don’t feel like smoking a heavy cigar. Since the Duke and even the rest of the Platinum Label is so smooth you can enjoy it with your favourite drink without it taking over to much.
Midway point: the dried fruits have left us and left we have the creamy hasselnuts with a slight hint of vanilla smoothens, nothing that notable.
7/10 As I wrote before its just a perfect cigar to combine with any drink or food. It’s nothing you will smoke on a special occasion but it’s more suitable as an everyday cigar and even perfect as an introduction for new aficionados. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 22/09/16)


10. Royal Danish Cigars – Short Robusto Double Ligero Extra Strong

Sponsored by Royal Dansih Cigars. First nose: I feel the black pepper tickling my nostrils and a dark rich chocolate tone in the wrapper.
I go to light the cigar, the flame very easily leaves a perfect amber and I go for a puff.
First taste: Dark rich chocolate, heavy white smoke flows out, but wait what’s that? Now the black pepper starts to tickle in the back of my mouth and there are some other herbs aswell (can’t really put my finger on it). Mm yes I love this, as said on the lable ‘Extra Strong’ you really feel the kick and rich taste.
8.5/10 I love it and want more of these, sadly it’s scheduled for a 2017 release but keep your eyes and ears open for any news.
/Cigarmaster André

(Published 10/09/16)14294940_1026613170780124_1409249085_n

1. Royal Danish Cigars Umami Blend Ultra Gourmet

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

Matched with Hven Navy Strength Organic Gin 57.1% G&T with a dried lemon.
First impression: the look, a Robusto.
Smell, light hint of citrus, freshly cut grass, herbs, hint of curry, cedar wood, white pepper.
First tastes: rests gently on the tongue and leaves behind a lovely round citrus taste, medium full-bodied, a slight hint of natural peanuts, matches great with G&T.
2/3: the herbs I smelled in the wrapper starts to appear in the taste but only like a hint in the background, now the smoke feels more creamy. A grapefruit hint starts to grow.
I accidentally retrohaled and then you feel the herbs filling the nostrils.
Last 3d of the Cigar the herbs don’t show themselves so much, instead a sweetness appeares.
Light draw. Full body. An unique taste palette. Fantastic cigar a definite recommendation if you get your hands on one. 8/10 👌
/Cigarmaster of Gothenburg Cigarsociety

(Published 05/06/16)DSC_1091