54. Don Kiki Gold Lable Robusto

Sponsored by Don Kiki/ Karen Berger.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: Dark milk chocolate wrapper. Ruff feel, somewhat protruding veins.

Construction: Firm feel, compact. Cold draw: Hay, cacao and almonds.

1st third: Dark chocolate, oak, leather and bitter almonds. A little sharp on the tounge.

2nd third: The taste is the same as previous part.

The burn: Burns really fast, the ash is stable maybe a little flaky but it’s white-ish.

Smoke: It’s hot and voluminous.

3rd third: Sadly no change what so ever. Keeps the same taste all the way.

Conclusion: Burnt to fast, no evolution in taste, sharp on the tounge. Sadly this drags down the score.

Result: In my book this is a 83 points cigar.

/Cigarmaster André


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