50. Bespoke Cigars Traditional Grand Café Limited Edition (Lancero)

Sponsored by Bespoke Cigars.

Location: This review was made indoors.

Wrapper: A luscious dark chocolate, oily wrapper.

Construction: A little spongy but it feels well filled with tobacco.

Cold draw: A rich note of 70-80% cacao and hay.

1st third: Instantly greated with the rich flavours of 70-80% dark chocolate, a earthy and leathery notes fill the mouth. There is a slight hint of white pepper as I go for a puff. A very robust taste as I dive in to the first part.

2nd third: Entering the second part, the white pepper is showing more on top of the tounge and the other flavours from the first part are more hidden in the background.

The burn: Burns well as long as you don’t forget to puff. The ash is white and firm.

Smoke: It’s light and quite warm to the touch.

3rd third: It’s well consistent on the flavours, keeps the same all through.

Conclusion: It’s a full bodied cigar, maybe a bit to much for my palette, but definitely an interesting evening smoke. So if you are into a heavy cigar, this is definitely something for you. I’m a fan of the regular Grand Café, with its toasty and more round feeling, so I’m a little disappointed. But hey not all cigars can suit me.

Result: In my book this is a 87 points cigar.

/Cigarmaster André


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