15. Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight Longsdale

Sponsored by Piet van Kuyk. First nose: A very creamy gentle milk chocolate whiff I get.
First taste: As the tone of the wrapper I taste smooth creamy milk chocolate, like the creaminess in a vanillasauce with that hint of vanilla.
This cigar was enjoyed with an Café au lait, which balanced the flavours perfectly. Coffee and chocolate are great in combination as is the creamy vanilla notes with the milk.
Way past the midway point I’m feeling roasted hasselnuts. And the smoke gets a bit dryer as it warms up. Since its an Longsdale the ring gauge isn’t very big and it’s totally normal that it feels a bit warmer.
Since this review was written/smoked while I sat outside in 9 degrees Celsius, the flavours maybe wasn’t at peak but rest assure it was good but I can imagine it be even better while sitting inside by the open fire.
8/10 will be my score, it’s definitely a well balanced cigar and very good, no denying that.
Any downside with creamy light smokes for us up north is it gets a bit to soft during autumn/winter. The flavours don’t bloom out as much. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 13/10/16)





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