1. Royal Danish Cigars Umami Blend Ultra Gourmet

Sponsored by Royal Danish Cigars.

Matched with Hven Navy Strength Organic Gin 57.1% G&T with a dried lemon.
First impression: the look, a Robusto.
Smell, light hint of citrus, freshly cut grass, herbs, hint of curry, cedar wood, white pepper.
First tastes: rests gently on the tongue and leaves behind a lovely round citrus taste, medium full-bodied, a slight hint of natural peanuts, matches great with G&T.
2/3: the herbs I smelled in the wrapper starts to appear in the taste but only like a hint in the background, now the smoke feels more creamy. A grapefruit hint starts to grow.
I accidentally retrohaled and then you feel the herbs filling the nostrils.
Last 3d of the Cigar the herbs don’t show themselves so much, instead a sweetness appeares.
Light draw. Full body. An unique taste palette. Fantastic cigar a definite recommendation if you get your hands on one. 8/10 👌
/Cigarmaster of Gothenburg Cigarsociety

(Published 05/06/16)DSC_1091


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