46. K by Karen Berger Habano Robusto

Sponsored by Karen Berger.

Good firm construction. Boxpressed. Milk chocolate wrapper with tiny veins. Cold draw: hay, cacao, almonds. 1st third: 70% cacao, toasted hazelnuts, cedarwood. Medium to full body. 2nd third: A light spicy note of black pepper. 3rd part: The spiciness spreads to the lips and the toasty feeling lays softly on the tounge. The smoke is warm and voluminous. The ash is stable and white. In my book this is a 89 point cigar. An enjoyable afternoon cigar, no harsh flavours and not to strong. Even though it ends on a spicy note. This is definitely a cigar I’ll return too.

/Cigarmaster André

45. Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generacion V Salomon (Not a Review)

Sponsored by Cigarrummet.

(Not a review just some notes I wrote down)
Oily wrapper
Construction medium soft
Ash: flaky, gray.
Initial taste, dark roasted coffee, slightly bitter dark chocolate, leather and earth.
Starts of with a kick but after about 4cm it goes over to a medium full body.
Burns a bit wonky. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 09/03/17)


44. Condega Cigars Serie F – Mini Titán

Sponsored by La Casa del Tabaco.

Good firm construction, milk chocolate wrapper, sandy with tiny veins.
First taste, cedarwood, dark roasted coffee.
Burns pretty slow, white firm ash. Light smoke.
It has a resemblens to the Cuban Partagas Series lines not only in the design of the cigar band but also in the taste, this is maybe a bit more full bodied.
It even finishes like a Cuban Partagas, with a slight bitterness to the very end.
In my book this is a 90 points cigar.
A thanks to Ramón Zapata Pérez for this cigar 👌 /Cigarmaster André

(Published 01/07/17)


43. Davidoff Royal Release Salomones

I was not given this, I bought it with my own money. Review Time!
Good but still a little soft construction. Oily, milk chocolate wrapper. Tiny veins.
First taste, toasted bread with a faint taste of coffee with cream. Very smooth.
Cool smooth and voluminous smoke. (It’s as smooth as a baby’s butt, if I’m allowed to make that statement 😂) The ash is a little light to the touch and falls of after 3cm. It’s really white which is always a good sign.
Starting on the 2nd part and I’m getting an oak taste, very delicious.
It gets a touch of black pepper spicy on the tounge. In a way it’s enjoyable since it changes and don’t stay the same all the way. The ash is more dark gray now aswell.
3d and final part, what a journey it’s been on. Now it has turned back to the toasted bread taste but with a harsher not since it’s quite warm.
In my book this would be a 92 points cigar. It’s excellent in the variety of taste and since I’ve been enjoying it for 3 hours now, what more can you expect it’s an Davidoff. /Cigarmaster André

( Published 23/07/17)


42. Don Kiki White Label Harvest of 2013 Robusto

Sponsored by Don Kiki/Karen Berger. Thanks to Karen for sending a sampler for me to do a review on.
This review was made outdoors during a sunny day with 22°C.
Good construction, evenly filled. Light color wrapper, with tiny veins and sandy in texture.
First taste, is a rich taste of toasted bread. Then there is a roasted hasselnuts taste that gives it a creamy but still nutty flavour.
The smoke is voluminous and creamy and the ash is stable and gray/white. It maybe burns a bit to hasty.
The second part keeps on par with the first, no drastic changes.
The third and final part got a little stingy but nothing to uncomfortable. This is a great breakfast cigar, even though I didn’t eat breakfast today it was very kind to me.
In my book this is a 88 point cigar, it’s good on the verge to be great. The thing is it’s one sided and fits perfectly in the morning and if you don’t want alot of power but that’s pretty much it. Remember now it’s good.
Not available in Europe yet. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 16/07/17)


41. Royal Danish Cigars Queens No. 1 24k Gold with Swarovski Crystals

It’s a early morning (more like super late night 4 am) it’s 14°C outside, not to cold and not to warm just perfect.
The cigar is firm, has a great construction and tiny smooth veins. The wrapper, well what you can see of it is lovely dark chocolate brown and covering it there is 24k gold leaf and there is a lot of it, it’s not all! Like the cherry on top of the whipped cream there are 3 Swarovski Crystals just sitting there. Now to what it’s all about. The taste: it starts of with a dark chocolate earthiness, it has its character but at the same time a sweetness, hope you are following.
It sure burns hasty I think it’s because of all the gold.
So the flavours keeps steady, it’s not peppery or spicy but it’s still a full bodied cigar with a lot of 80% dark chocolate notes, that familiar bitterness you get from chocolate and the earthiness that just fills out the background. In my opinion a very pleasant taste.
The most amazing part is that it doesn’t change the taste at the very end since it’s already been very warm all the way through.
If I had to put a rating on this I would say 95, it’s something else, not only because of the swag gold a crystals but the flavors. It’s so nice, definitely a favorite of mine. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 07/07/17)


40. Vega Fina Rum Barrel Aged Edición Especial

Firm construction, milk chocolate wrapper and tiny veins.
First taste, cacao beans, oak wood, sugar cane sweetness.
Keeps steady, no development what so ever.
It’s quite bland, so I guess this is a cigar for newcomers that like softer cigars, sadly nothing for me.
So in my book this is 85 point cigars. / Cigarmaster André

(Published 27/06/17)


39. Micallef Cigars – Reserva Limitada Privada Churchill

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. I want to dedicate this review to Al Micallef and to thank him for this lovely cigar I got as a gift at Big Smoke Copenhagen 2017.
Firm construction, milk chocolate wrapper, small veins.
First taste, hasselnuts, white pepper, milk chocolate and hay. The draw is nearly perfect with some resistance and a lovely voluminous smoke. The aftertaste fills the back of the mouth with white pepper and cacao powder and it gives a lovely kick so you know you are alive.
It burns quite hasty but burns good, not razor sharp but not super wonky either.
About 2cm in it becomes really smooth but still keeps the initial flavours.
The ash is white/gray-ish and falls easy when easily tapped.
The flavours keeps steady all the way until the last part.
94 points in my book.
Not available in Europe yet. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 25/06/17)


38. Vivaldi Cigars – Underboss

Sponsored by Vivaldi Cigars. Corona extra size, light wrapper, good construction.
First taste, almonds, hay, espresso bitter after taste and a cedar note in the cheeks. Very voluminous smoke and white/gray ash which looks very firm. After about 1-2cm in it smoothens out and got a little creamy like a perfect cappuccino. There are some hints of marzipan, cardamom and vanilla. It’s like a traditional Swedish pastry called a Semla.
It finishes just as beautiful as previous flavours explained, no bitterness just smooth creaminess. Fantastic.
92 points in my book. Well done. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 24/06/17)


37. Micallef Cigars – Experiencia Prominente

Sponsored by Micallef Cigars. This review was made outside in 19°C.
Good firm construction. 65% milk chocolate dark wrapper.
It’s sandy with tiny veins.
First taste pine nuts, peanuts, cedarwood and a touch of marzipan sweetness. It’s smooth in the draw and leaves a bitter almonds taste on the lips. It’s an medium to full bodied cigar I feel, with a slight spicy back tone.
2nd part starts of with that bitter almond taste that I image matches perfectly with an espresso. Something I forgot to mention before is that the smoke is voluminous but the ash is a darker shade of gray that im not used to.
Actually it dosen’t feel like an Nicaraguan cigar it’s more like one from Honduras, it has the sweetness and slight sting but can’t feel any peppery notes. So this has thought me something new.
3d and final part it starts to smoothen out, no sudden bitter parts. And it just ends great.
This was an very interesting cigar to smoke, it stood out in an unique way but I think I wanted to smoke it with a cup of coffee. Anyhow in my book this is a 90 points cigar, I liked it.
This cigar is not available yet in Europe. /Cigarmaster André

(Published 14/06/17)